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Companion care program includes non-medical homecare services offered to seniors with or without disabilities. Every’s Home Companionship Care Services assists older/senior adults who feel lonely but still want to live peacefully at home.

Companionship Care is a home care service that covers basic household tasks that the elderly may find difficult to perform independently. In other situations, these activities may also put their independence at risk. But, with Every’s Home Care Companion Care, older adults can maintain their everyday routine and activities.

What Does Companion Care Services at Every’s Home Care Include?
  • Taking the elderly out for walks helping with grocery shopping
  • Scheduling or rescheduling doctor’s appointments and social activities.
  • From managing medications to Preparing Nutritive Meals.
  • Interacting with family members and other care team professionals.

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How Does Companion Care Service Work?

At Every’s Home Care, we provide Companion Care on an Informal and Formal basis. Informally, our companions assist them with household chores when they occasionally drop by for a nice visit.

However, we also provide formal companion services, which are chargeable. If you’re looking for companion care services for yourself or an elderly loved one, Every’s Home Care is your trusted partner to start.

The number of visits made by Every’s Home Care companions may vary based on the specific requirements of the care recipient.

In order to assist the elderly with meal preparation, washing, and other duties, companions often pay visits at least just once a week. However, some companions may pay visits twice, thrice, or even every day.

Companions frequently reschedule their schedules to meet these requirements or plan for alternative transportation if an elderly individual has an appointment booked outside of the regular visiting hours.

They reschedule appointments if they miss or are scheduled after regular visiting hours.

Affordable Companion Care Plans For Everybody

We understand the burden that home care could cost you some extra from your pockets. And this is why we always try to do our best to help you easing it. We, at Every’s Home Care provide very affordable companion care to American and Canadian families to prevent and reduce loneliness, while leading quality life. Learn to see what companion care plan suits you the best.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Every’s Home Care local office to review the companion care option that could be offered to meet your needs.

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With a dedicated customer team, arranging care is just a phone call away, who will talk through all of your needs with you and arrange a consultation with a local care manager – arranging home care for you or your loved one couldn’t be easier.