Every’s Home Care Follows Person-Centered Care Approach Towards Alzheimer’s – Because We Know It’s A Different Journey For Everyone

At Every’s Home Care, our Caregivers and Gerontologist, along with other medical and professional experts and doctors continue to refine treatment and caregiving programs for Alzheimer’s Home Care. Every’s Home Care follows person-centered care approach for people dealing with Alzheimer and Dementia. Our approach supports the following goals and values;

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  • We strongly believe in preserving dignity of our clients’ and their loved ones.
  • We highly honor the life of elderly/senior before Alzheimer and Dementia.
  • We work in close-collaboration with healthcare and medical professionals to ease behavioral and cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer and Dementia.
  • We put in best of our efforts in enhancing safety and home environment for the elderly/senior.

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How Does Person-Centered Care Approach by Every’s Home Care Actually Works?

Person-Centered Care at Every’s Home Care begins with a very comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s current cognitive, emotional and physical health status. It is then followed by a meeting with the family members to create a personalized care plan which aims at delivering emotional, physical and cognitive support and stability, while help them attaining improved quality of life through;

  • Building Genuine Long-Term Relationship with Elderly/Senior.
  • Tidying Home, Washing, Cleaning & Maintaining Safe Home Environment.
  • Assisting in Socially Connecting with Family, Friends & Community.
  • Providing Dressing, Collecting Prescriptions, Giving Medication, Attending Doctor’s Appointment.

Alzheimer’s Home Care Services – What Do We Offer?

Alzheimer’s home care services—not to be confused with home health care services. We only send a home care aide to your home to help you care for a person with Alzheimer’s. These professional aides include personal care and/or company for the person.

We do not provide or deal in with any skilled medical care. When you are hiring Alzheimer’s Aides, please remember that you are not hiring any medical professionals. Our trained caregiver will only be assisting your loved ones with their daily activities such as bathing and dressing and may even help with light housekeeping, transportation, and errands. At Every’s Home Care, we provide Alzheimer’s caregiving option for few hours to stay for 24 hours.

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With a dedicated customer team, arranging Alzheimer’s Home Care is just a phone call away.Our Customer Support Assistant will talk through all of your needs and arrange a consultation with a local care manager who will be arranging home care for you or your loved one.