Outstanding Dementia Care In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Our Dementia Live-In Care Services Promote Safety, Independence & Compassion

Every’s Home Care can be your shelter for experienced, compassionate, long-term support; along your long journey with Dementia. Find out how we can provide tailored Dementia care at home for you or your loved one.

Every’s Home Care Follows Person-Centered Dementia Care & Support Technique

Whether you need support with shopping, cooking or a morning routine, our skilled, compassionate and experienced Home Care team will support you. Helping you or a loved one stay independent in their own home for longer. Do you want extra help at home? Try out our dedicated Dementia Home Care services by Every’s Home Care.

If you are walking the path of Dementia, then you must need assistance to go through long journey. Our Dementia Care Aides Can help you in;

  • Assessing your needs and then agree with you what tailored one-to-one support they can provide for you to stay independent in your own home for longer.
  • Providing as little or as much help as you need with everyday tasks that are becoming more difficult, or support to continue with hobbies and interests.
  • Help you to increase your confidence, keep active and stay healthy for as long as possible.
  • 100% of people with dementia who use our home care service say it’s reliable.

What does Every’s Homecare’s Dementia Care Offer?

  • Specialist dementia expertise in how it affects every individual differently.
  • Support with personal care, such as bathing and continence care.
  • Preparation of nutritious and well-balanced meals.
  • Assistance with household tasks.
  • Assistance in arranging appointments or outings.
  • Transport and accompaniment to appointments or outings, e.g. medical appointments or trips to a club etc.
  • We ensure that medication is taken at necessary times.
  • Heartfelt companionship.
  • Newfound peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one is safely receiving the highest standards of dementia home care.
  • Proactive attitude to life and the firm belief that it is possible to live well with dementia.
  • Every’s Home Care aides will be there to support you and much or as little as you need, whether it’s daily visits or full-time live-in dementia care.

Dementia Care & Support Needed By You or Your Loved Ones To Stay Well

  • Every’s Home Care is specialized in providing trustworthy and reliable dementia homecare service. We provide experienced staff to help you maintain your quality of life while remaining in your own home. We create a specialized dementia care plan with you. This might include:

    • Reminding or helping you to take your medicines to manage your symptoms.
    • Support with bathing and/or dressing to keep you looking your best.
    • Catheter care and continence management to maintain your dignity and comfort.
    • Help to establish a regular exercise routine to improve mood and mobility and to strengthen muscles.
    • Making sure you have plenty of fluids and a balanced diet with enough fresh fruit and vegetables and fibre to keep you healthy and avoid constipation.
    • Assisting with routine household chores and shopping so your home life is as you would like it to be.
    • Companionship, or helping you to be involved in social activities.
    • Our services provide the support and care you need to get you and your loved ones through the difficult days.

Support for Families: Affordable Dementia Home Care Services

We understand the burden that families of individuals with Dementia have to bear. And this is why we always try to do our best to help you easing it. We, at Every’s Home Care provide very affordable in-home care to American and Canadian families struggling with Dementia care costs. Learn to see what caregiving plan suits you the best.

Please contact your Every’s Home Care local office to review the range of services that may be offered.

Every Individual Is Different

That’s Why We Offer Tailored Care Packages

Every individual is different with different care needs which is why we tailor a bespoke care package to every client. Call us about your care requirements today, we are confident we will be able to meet all of our client’s needs.

What You Should Know About Dementia Home Care Service Costs

  • Dementia home care services are generally charged by the hour. However, some services charge a flat rate for staying overnight.
  • Medicare and private health insurance may cover some home care costs; though nonmedical care is generally not covered. So, we also recommend our clients to check with your health plan beforehand.
  • Long-term care insurance may cover personal care and homemaker services.

What To Expect From Every’s Dementia Care Team?

  • A bespoke care plan that is completely tailored to individual needs.
  • The perfect carer for you based on Every’s Home Care system.
  • Every’s Home Care that visit as many times a day as you wish, or live-in care to be on hand around the clock.
  • A dedicated care manager who will monitor your care and be your point of contact for any questions or concerns.
  • Every’s Home Care who have received specialist training.
  • Backup support from a senior carer local to your area.
  • Access to 24-hour on-call support services.
  • Regular visits to review the care plan and ensure that you’re receiving the best quality of care.
  • Regular correspondence with medical professionals and nurse.

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Every’s Home Care offers a wide range of Dementia Home Care Services including personal care, companionship, meal preparation, medication reminder, housekeeping, dementia care and fall prevention.


Dementia care refers to caring for all conditions defined as dementia – such as Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia and Combined. It covers care for these conditions at all stages.


Dementia Care Plan at Every’s Home Care is knitted around Communication, Mobility, Toileting, Eating Patterns, Orientation/Cognition, Psychosocial/Behavioral, and Caregiver Support Needs.


At Caring, we charge a flat, hourly rate regardless of the services required. This rate stays the same on weekends, nights, and holidays, so you or a loved one can get care when you need it. Our rates vary by location. Please reach out to your local Every’s Home Care Service Center to find out what our hourly rate is.


For More Information About Dementia Home Care Services Please Call

With a dedicated customer team, arranging Dementia Home Care is just a phone call away.Our Customer Support Assistant will talk through all of your needs and arrange a consultation with a local care manager who will be arranging home care for you or your loved one.

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