Tracheostomy Care

Nursing-led tracheostomy care from Every’s Homecare is designed to enable individuals who have undergone the procedure to manage their tracheostomies at home.


Get Right Level of Tracheostomy Support From A Fully Trained Carer

We understand that it can take time to adapt to a tracheostomy tube, and that eating, talking, exercising, and keeping the tube clean and free of blockages can all be difficult at first.

We also know that living an independent lifestyle with a tracheostomy is easily achievable with the right support from our team of expert clinicians. Following an assessment with a clinical nurse manager, you’ll be matched with a care team who possess the correct experience and the right personality, to support you in your daily routine, because of the intensity of these needs across a 24-hour timescale more than one carer may be required to meet your needs safely in your own home.

Living an independent lifestyle with a tracheostomy is easily achievable with the right support from our team of expert clinicians. Following an assessment with a clinical nurse manager, you’ll be matched with a care team who possess the correct experience and the right personality, to support you in your daily routine.

Trained Experts in Tracheostomy Care

Our carers are trained by the clinical nurse trainer to ensure their competency to meet all of the clinical needs of tracheostomy hygiene, ensuring the correct fit of tube ties, and emergency management; fitting care seamlessly into the routine and leaving the customer free to focus on the things that matter: family, friends, and their favorite activities.

Our nursing led management is provided by a local clinical nurse trainer who has the expertise and knowledge to liaise with fellow professionals and provide the higher level of support, management skill and clinical intervention

Tracheostomy Nursing Care Services We Offer at Every’s Homecare

There is no set time, health condition or diagnosis to consider help at home from a professional home care service provider. It is simply when you feel that you need extra support to carry out everyday tasks and meal preparation or live life the way you want to.

Many people arrange home care initially to help them round the house with light duties such as cleaning, changing the beds, vacuuming, and meal preparation – especially after leaving hospital. They may then increase the number of visits and length of calls they have to assist them with personal care, getting to appointments, and for companionship. This may even develop into 24-hour live-in or overnight care.

Home care can be sought for anyone over the age of 18 all the way up to 100 and beyond, and we can also provide care to support with specific conditions – such as industry-accredited dementia care. By choosing care at home, you are also choosing to stay in the environment you know and love, instead of moving into local care homes.

How can a home care service help me?

For outstanding tracheostomy care choose Every’s Homecare. Our Tracheostomy homecare plan includes;

  • To maintain airway patency by removing mucus and encrusted secretions.
  • To maintain cleanliness and prevent infection at the tracheostomy site.
  • To facilitate healing and prevent skin excoriation around the tracheostomy incision.
  • To promote comfort.
  • To prevent displacement.

It also includes assessment of the following;

  • Respiratory status (ease of breathing, rate, rhythm, depth, lung sounds, and oxygen saturation level).
  • Pulse Rate.
  • Secretions from the tracheostomy site (character and amount).
  • Presence of drainage on tracheostomy dressing or ties.
  • Appearance of incision (redness, swelling, purulent discharge, or odor).

When to consider help at home from a paid carer

Helping Hands have been a leading home care provider since 1989, so we really do know how to provide a quality care service that is centred around you. From 30-minute respite care visits all the way up to full-time live in care, we have the skills, expertise, and compassion to deliver care across England and Wales that’s of the highest standard.

Not only have we been providing home care for over 30 years, but we are also regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). They closely monitor our services, leadership, training, and the overall quality of the care we provide. This ensures that the support we provide is safe, responsive and effective, whilst doing what we and your care plan say we will.

With care teams in over 140 branches, we are one of the only home care providers to have the benefit of being local to thousands of our customers up and down the country. So, if your elderly parent lives in a different county than you, there will be a branch and a care worker from Helping Hands nearby to support them and provide you with the reassurance you may seek.

Tracheostomy Care & Airway Management

If you are thinking of getting home care and you have a tracheotomy this can be a huge task. There will be a number of questions that you, your family and your professional team will have. Here at Every’s Homecare, we aim to answer all of these questions and concerns.

All care staff involved in airway management support will receive intensive tracheostomy training. If our customers are on a mechanical ventilator, staff will receive additional ventilator care and management training before starting work ensuring that you can live your life safely at home.

This will be delivered by the Every’s Homecare clinical team. One of our specialist nurses will help support you and your package of care at home. This will include regular staff training and reviews and detailed support plans which you, your family and professional care team will be involved in.


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A tracheostomy is an opening into the trachea through the neck just below the larynx through which an indwelling tube is placed and thus an artificial airway is created. It is used for clients needing long-term airway support.

Nurses provide tracheostomy care for clients with new or recent tracheostomy to maintain patency of the tube and minimize the risk for infection (since the inhaled air by the client is no longer filtered by the upper airways). Initially a tracheostomy may need to be suctioned and cleaned as often as every 1 to 2 hours. After the initial inflammatory response subsides, tracheostomy care may only need to be done once or twice a day, depending on the client.

Tracheostomy care involves application of scientific knowledge, sterile technique, and problem solving, and therefore needs to be performed by a nurse or respiratory therapist.


  • Complications and Risks of Tracheostomy
  • Air trapped around the lungs (pneumothorax).
  • Air trapped in the deeper layers of the chest (pneumomediastinum).
  • Air trapped underneath the skin around the tracheostomy (subcutaneous emphysema).
  • Damage to the swallowing tube (esophagus).

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Our Customer Support Assistant will talk through all of your needs and arrange a consultation with a local care manager who will be arranging home care for you or your loved one.

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